By Stephanie Quick

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” – Albert Einstein

My name is Stephanie Quick and I recently graduated from Lewis University this past May. I studied computer science, with concentrations in security and pervasive computing. Currently, I am getting my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, and my future plans are to freelance. 

While a student at Lewis University, I actually did not choose computer science as my first major. I started off as a Biology major, but did not feel as passionate about it as I did with technology. After taking the introductory course in the Computer Science department, I fell in love with using turtle graphics in python, making websites, and watching my creations appear on the screen. 

Since then, I have learned much more than I could have imagined throughout my four years here. The core courses pushed me to expand my knowledge and see where my limitations lie. while my chosen electives let me explore my interests. Many of my professors helped me to where I am today, and because of Lewis University, I have grown to become a useful addition to this field. 

With this newsletter, I hope to give guidance to the current students of ECaMs [department of engineering, computing, and mathematical sciences] on how to achieve their goals during their time here at Lewis. I plan on writing posts concerned with how to handle the stress that comes with university and how to be more involved in clubs in the department. I would also like to offer tools and tips that I wish I knew sooner that helped me excel as a student.

I want to contribute not only to the students of ECaMs. but also the faculty and staff. I believe that creating a stronger connection between the students and faculty will make our department grow even further. One of my ideas for achieving this is to do community spotlights to showcase current projects that faculty are working on. I also plan on interviewing professors of the department so we can become more acquainted with our fellow members.

I would like to thank the founder of this newsletter, Nadia Beidas, and the department, for giving me this opportunity to give back to the Lewis community. Nadia will continue to write posts on this newsletter in the last week of every month. We hope that it will be beneficial to the students to see an alumnae’s perspective.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who takes their time to support this newsletter. Of course there will be more topics discussed throughout the rest of the academic year, but I believe that the topics I mentioned above demonstrate the vision I have for this newsletter. Most importantly, if anyone would like to suggest a particular topic to be covered, I’ll gladly consider your suggestions and determine how I can incorporate them into the blog. 

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