By Stephanie Quick

Finals week can be the most stressful time for students across the United States, no matter where they are at in their academic career. Now, adding in the craziness of 2020, this creates extra obstacles to conquer. While trying to adapt to the new learning environment, yet keep on top of your studies, it’s hard to feel prepared for these exams in an online testing format. 

To help our students through this time, I asked the CaMS [Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences] faculty for their own input. We hope you achieve the best results on your exams and remain positive! 

“Be proud of sticking with it through perhaps the most difficult semester ever. You’re almost through it! Now just slay this final beast and get on to better things.” – Dr. Ray Klump 

 I believe that we are often kind and supportive to others, but at the same time we can be hard on ourselves. This year in particular my advice is for students to be kind and patient with themselves as well. – Professor Eric Pogue 

My recommendation is for students to study the material sincerely for the purpose of learning and developing skills they will be using in their career, therefore they will plane for this knowledge to be permanent and not only temporarily until they take the test. This will help them understand the material and it will automatically help them preparing for the test.

Dr. Khaled Alzoubi

Tip #1: Start studying now! If you study a little each night, it won’t seem so overwhelming.

Tip #2: And if you have a project instead of an exam, don’t procrastinate.  You may run into roadblocks and you’ll need time to overcome them.

Tip #3: Try handwriting some notes.  It’s been shown that you remember more when you write things down instead of typing them.

Dr. Cindy Howard

flyertech_admin Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences

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