With the holidays coming up and winter break about to begin, it’s the perfect time to grab some supplies for the upcoming spring semester or even to buy gift for yourself or friends. What’s better than receiving a gadget that you didn’t even know existed and it makes your life more efficient? Treat yourself to some hot cocoa too while checking these amazing technology gadgets out. Happy Holidays!


Those who are looking for a more innovative way of taking notes while saving the environment, try out Rocketbook! This product is a cloud-connected smart notebook and mobile application experience developed by Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein.

This reusable cloud notebook is quite simple to use and it comes with everything you need. When buying Rocketbook, the product comes with a smart Pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber towel. All you have to do is download their Rocketbook mobile app on your phone, write your notes like normal, and scan the page to upload the notes to your chosen cloud platform.

There are seven different symbols shortcuts along the bottom of each page, and each of those symbols can be connected to a different cloud service such as Google Docs, Evernote, Slack, Box, Dropbox, and a few others.

How to use Rocketbook

While the Rocketbook journal is one of the most popular of their products, they also have different versions and other great products. They have the Rocketbook Matrix that is aimed towards STEM majors by having reusable graph paper. There are also smart notecards that you can purchase for practically anything.

Rocketbook cloud cards

Overall, it’s a great product that allows you to benefit from writing down your notes to boost your ability to understand and remember the material. Also, you’re helping save the environment and can easily access your notes for studying online! You can either buy these products on their website or go on Amazon for prime shipping.

USB Tower/Hub

Compared to the last product, this one isn’t as innovative but boy, does it make a difference in your life. For those who live in the school dorms, we all know the struggle of not having enough power outlets and constantly having to unplug one cord to plug something else in that we need at the time. But if you have a USB tower or a hub, there’s no more struggle with power cables anymore!

Ranging from $15 to $30 dollars, there’s a wide range of different hubs/towers you can buy yourself. And, you can buy them practically anywhere, online or in stores. If you’re looking specifically for more USB ports, I would suggest buying a USB hub as shown in the picture below. But if you need more power adapter outlets, stick with a USB tower because those usually have a variety of USB ports and adapter outlets.

Powered USB Hub 3.0, Atolla 7-Port USB Data Hub Splitter

Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack + Charging

While we go to a great college community and trust a lot of our classmates and professors, there’s nothing wrong with taking extra precautions and keeping your valuable possessions safe. If you study in a coffee shop, university library, or if you need to take public transportation from time to time, the anti-theft laptop bookbag can help keep those valuables safe.

One of the best perks to using one of these bookbags is that it looks just like a normal backpack. The secret to these bags are that they have a clever feature to keep your belongings safe by using secret pockets, RFID protections, YKK zippers, and locks.

The most common feature for anti-theft bags are their secret pockets. Most of them will have a hidden zipper somewhere where you can stash away your most valuable items such as your wallet, keys, and what not. Since these are hard to find and not readily visible, this protects from pick-pockets and those who try to grab things out of open pockets.

For those who do not know what RFID protection is for, RFID is radio-frequency identification. Thieves will use radio waves to read and capture information stored on a chip attached to an object, such as your credit cards. They do this so they do not have to grab your card physically, and can just get the information electronically. However, by using this bag, there are RFID protection pockets where you can story any cards that carry information electronically.

Along with those precautions, there are also locking zippers with these backpacks. These bags will have combination lock on the zipper tabs instead of having locking tags that required to be cut. While still giving you instant access and no hassle, this makes it instantly hard for thieves to slide open the zipper.

Anti-Theft Backpack, Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port and Earphone Port with Lock Slim Water Resistant Bag

Lastly, these backpacks are normally water-resistant and you can carry your electronics on with you without any worries. There are also external USB ports to charge your phone and some bags even have an port inside your bag so you can keep it charging without it being in the open.

Product Links


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=rocketbook&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Product’s website: https://getrocketbook.com/collections/all-products

USB Towers/Hubs

USB Hub: https://www.amazon.com/Splitter-Charging-Individual-Switches-Extension/dp/B07G8CMR18/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=USB+hub&qid=1607289153&sr=8-5

USB Tower: https://www.amazon.com/iClever-Protector-Charging-Extension-Protected/dp/B07YB78FX4/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=USB+Tower&qid=1607289463&sr=8-9

Anti-theft Backpack


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